Private Learning Parties

Arrange a Learning Party for 6-12 friends + Attend for Free!

You bring…

Friends and Family

Enthusiasm, Curiosity and herb Questions

Jars,  Materials*, and maybe a Blender

* Garliq can also take care of sourcing materials for you*

Garliq brings…

Expertise, Experience and Enthusiasm

Handouts, Instructions and Recipes

A Gentle and Open Teaching Atmosphere

Choose a Workshop…

  • Herb Walk (1.5-2 hrs)
    •  I love to combined this with other workshops so you can learn to identify the live plants!
  • Creams for Beginners
  • Intro to Medicine Making (tinctures, infused oils, salves, balms or syrups)
  • Wild, Herbal Fermentations (recipes depend on season)
  • Family Fights the Flu
  • Herbal 1st Aid

These workshops are all hands-on, activity-based classes.  They focus not just on knowing what herbs to use, when and how, BUT they include the skill-building, personally empowering pieces of learning to do it for yourself.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Pick a workshop from the list that you and you’re friends are interested in
  2. Assess how many people can work comfortably in your kitchen &/or dining room
  3. Pick an ideal time/date (and a back up just in case)
  4. Contact Garliq with your proposed date(s) and workshop selection
  5. Send in a 30% Deposit to confirm your booking


# of participants 2 hr workshop 4 hr workshop works out to approx. cost/person
3 – 6 $180 $360 $30 or $60
7 – 9 $225 $450 $25 or $50
10 – 12 $250 $500 $20 or $40

**these are flat rates.  the cost / person is there to be helpful if you’re organizing your friends**

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