Intro to Plant Spirit Medicine

These workshops are single classes and do not require any on-going commitment.  They tend to be 3-4 hours long with lots of hands-on learning and things to take home at the end.

**This workshop will be back as soon as we can organize it**

Intro to Plant Spirit Medicine

A person has not seen a thing who has not felt it” Henry David Thoreau

Sunday Sept. 18

12 – 4pm

What You’ll Learn…

  • Take a Dream Journey to visit the spirit of Western Red Cedar
  • Tools to connect with the Living World (without hallucinogens)
  • Reclaim our innate ability to listen and speak to the plant spirits
  • Learn to have ‘Right Relations’ with the plant world
  • Be excited about being a part of Nature!
  • Call upon the healing powers of plant spirits for us and our communities
  • Share in community with other like-minded people
  • Learn to Trust in these experiences

Location …

The Beautiful Forests of North Vancouver or West Vancouver.  We’re still deciding on the specifics.  Exact details will be sent to registrants)

Investment – $50

Why Plant Spirit Medicine?

For thousands for years, humans and plants have lived together. We are family. Our plant relatives are generous and helpful, offering us food and medicine. Like us, plants have spirit, and their spirit can nurture and heal us. Plant Spirit MedicineSM uses the spirits of plants to bring us into balance and harmony. It is the shaman’s way with plants. A millennial practice known to all peoples, it was rediscovered in the West by Eliot Cowan, and has proved as effective in today’s world as in times past.

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Check out these 2 blog posts with video & audio of Eliot Cowan’s teaching… click here and here too


In this season of Late Summer we will tune into the energies of Harvest and Abundance. This is a time for nurturing ourselves and giving thanks for the many gifts of our plant allies and the endless bounty provided to each of us by our Mother Earth. It is a time for exploring our relationships with those who have nurtured us in countless ways and those whom we, in turn, nurture.

In this 4 hr workshop, you’ll be guided through both a Field Study and a Dream Journey with Western Red Cedar, Thuja plicata.  Bring your journals or sketchpads and your best noticing skills.  We’ll bounce between indoors and inwoods as well as inward and outward.  We’ll  spend individual time with a Cedar tree in the forest and then come inside for the Dream Journey component.

Leading the Class… Garliq & Sherry Morgan

Garliq is an Herbalist and Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner living in East Vancouver.  Deeply passionate about creating healthy communities, he really enjoys sharing/teaching about plant medicines and seeing the Green come Alive for people.  He’s especially interested in sharing the sense of empowerment he’s found from gathering and making his own remedies.  Check out Garliq’s Biography to learn more

Sherry has been teaching helping people connect to the Divine World through the power and practice of Prayer for many years now.

To Register:

email: “Intro to PSM ” to LivingMedicine (at)

Space is limited to 20!  Register early cause it fills up fast!

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