Make Your Own Face and Body Creams

coming again in Fall 2014…

 Face & Body Creams Poster Oct-2013

from 2011…

BIG THANK YOU!!!!  you have no idea how much you have influenced my life.  Thanks to you and Alison, I have been making creams, salves, lip balms and I am thinking of starting my little business, just on a side. I found my passion………So, thank you, thank you, thank you……..:):)
~Radka, attendee Sept. 2011

Make Your Own Face & Body Creams

Creams for Beginners

Thursday Oct. 3

6-8:30 pm

Advanced Creams

Friday Oct. 4

6-8:30 pm

What we put ON OUR BODY = What we put IN OUR BODY

What You’ll Learn…


  • To protect, restore and heal your skin with your own Homemade creams
  • Hands-on, step by step guidance to make a simple cream in 1 hr
  • The confidence needed to make it again + Take home the recipe
  • Make and use medicinally infused oil like Calendula or Lavender
  • Using Essential Oils effectively and safely
  • To be excited about nourishing your body in your own creation!


  • To succeed with more complex cream recipes
  • To treat specific skin conditions such as reducing scars or wrinkles
  • To effectively use herbs in creams using tinctures & hydrosols
  • Troubleshooting tips to avoid spoilage and increase longevity
  • To make something that makes you feel great!

Why Make Your Own Creams?

Because it feels great!  Drying off after a shower and reaching for a jar of the Moisturizing Cream that you made simply feels wonderful and deeply satisfying.  “And for much less than if I’d bought it,” you may find yourself saying when you tell friends how easy and fun it is.

How valuable is it to you to know what goes on your skin?  or your kids?  and in your body?  When you make it yourself, you have clarity and confidence about what ingredients to use.  Many commercial creams and cosmetics have questionable or even toxic ingredients.


Both classes are hands-on, active classes.  Because busy hands have more fun, learn better, retain more, ask better questions and build more confidence.  Participants will be in small groups of 3-4 per work station.

In Creams for Beginners, we’ll go through the step by step process of making a simple cream from start to finish.  The aim is that everyone leaves with 2 things: the confidence to do it again on their own and the recipe.  We talk about how to choose the right oils, tools,  essential oils and herbs.

In Advanced Creams, we’ll explore a couple recipes that tend to be more challenging.  We’ll introduce some new ingredients that really add some frill to a cream.  This is where more options open up for making medicinally creams and lotions.  Creams can tone skin to reduce wrinkles, treat varicose veins from a face toning cream to a hemorrhoid cream to a cream for athlete’s foot.

Location …

East Vancouver – near Fraser & Broadway.  Exact location shared with registration.


$60 each or $100 for both


Leading the Classes… Garliq

Garliq is an Herbalist and Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner living in East Vancouver.  Deeply passionate about creating healthy communities, he really enjoys sharing/teaching about plant medicines and seeing the Green World come Alive for people.  He’s especially interested in sharing the sense of empowerment he’s found from gathering and making his own remedies.  Check out Garliq’s Biography to learn more.

Register Now…

Space is limited to 20.  Register early! 

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