Eating What’s Around Us

Eating What’s Around Us

Foraging, Seasonal Foods & Herbal Medicine

May 10 – Wild Green Pesto
June 7  – Magic of Mint
July 5   – Fire Cidar
Aug 16 – Wild Kraut
Sept 13- Calendula Cream
Oct. 11 – Rosehip Syrup

One Thursday each month

7:30-9:30pm at Eternal Abundance

Investment: $35  (includes $10 equipment fee)

Each workshop will include an herb walk to identify and forage for wild and cultivated plants, followed by hands-on preparation of a food, salve, tincture, ferment, etc.  Everyone will take home a jar of whatever we make in class.

This six-part workshop series looks to create awareness about what is available in our neighborhoods and when, so we can re-establish our connection with the world around us, with our food, and our medicine.

Fire Cider – Thursday July 5

A delicious digestive tonic!  An important immune booster!

A help to your heart!  A wonderful warmth!

Fire Cider is all this and more. This old folk tonic has been used for everything from high blood pressure to lung infections to cold feet.

And the best part is, you already have it all in your kitchen! Join us to learn about the Why, the How and the Wow of this remarkable remedy.

As always this class will start with an herb walk around the neighbourhood to meet some of the seasonal wonders growing around the Drive.

Then we’ll move inside to taste, chop and create our own Fire Cider. And presto, you’ve got a jar of vitality and energy to use.

Wild Green Pesto – Thursday May 10
Learn about edible and medicinal plants around the Commercial Drive neighbourhood with a 1 hr Herb Walk.  We’ll gather a bag of Wild Spring Greens and head into the kitchen to make a batch of the freshest, most earthshatteringly nourishing Spring Green Pesto.

Leading this Classes… Garliq
Garliq is an Herbalist and Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner living in East Vancouver.  Deeply passionate about creating healthy communities, he really enjoys sharing/teaching about plant medicines and seeing the Green come Alive for people.  He’s especially interested in sharing the sense of empowerment he’s found from gathering and making his own remedies.

For more info  …   click here to go to the Eternal Abundance page

To Register -
contact Eternal Abundance – drop by, phone, email or visit

1025 Commercial Drive  (Between Napier & Parker)
(604) 707 0088



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