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Having been interested in learning more hands on work with
wild crafting, I was thrilled to discover Garliq’s project & workshops.  I’ve learned so much from these classes, and am gaining a discerning eye towards plant life – the forest has become so much more distinguishable than ‘ a lot of green things’.  Workshops are involving, open and chalk full of information! Bring a notebook!

It feels like a conversation has truly begun between myself and the plant world around me.  Plants have plenty of things to teach us, and Garliq brings this into his walks.  It’s heartening to know that the Living Medicine Project is guided by the vision to create whole, healthy individuals and communities, based on a relationship with the natural world. It’s been a real pleasure to participate with it!

These experiential outdoor classes are indispensable to my ever-evolving awareness of how intrinsically bound up we are in Nature’s knowing arms. I can imagine a day when school children are conversant in the ancient wisdom of plant medicine. This has opened me up to an exciting new realm of inquiry. I will never look at “weeds” the same again. Thanks for sharing your passion and knowledge.
Glen Andersen

The SCG class helped me to increase my ecological literary. I built my vocabulary of plants and plant parts while I gained knowledge on treating minor ailments with local plants. It was reassuring to meet other local people passionate about wild plants, and to connect with foraging hike partners for the future.
Angela Verbrugge

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