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“I’d like to introduce you to a friend and fellow ecologically minded instructor, Garliq (aka Kyle). He is a clinical herbalist who is deeply community minded in all his practices and has a passion for empowering urbanites to connect with the plant world in both medicinal and spiritual ways. I’ve worked with him in the past year and have enjoyed the depth of his knowledge and the practicality of his teaching.”
~Jodi Peters, local Permaculturist

BIG THANK YOU!!!! for introducing me to all the plants in a late summer time, you have no idea how much you have influenced my life. Not only I am looking forward to a spring time so I can get my hands on nettles, chickweed…etc…..I bought  some herb books and I am learning plants myself for now. Also, thanks to you and Alison, I have been making creams, salves, lip balms and I am thinking of starting my little business, just on a side. I found my passion………thanks to the article in Georgia Straight!!!!  So, thank you, thank you, thank you……..:):)
~Radka, community member

Regarding the HIC…

in a word, the extended course was empowering. i love now being able to identify and use so many different plants that grow all around the lower mainland.  i have learned to gather and create an herbal apothecary that deals with everything from immune support to coughs, from bruises to tummy troubles.  i highly recommend this class.
~christine – class 2010
“I loved this class!  It fed such a part of my soul and was such a beautiful  entry in the land of herbs and plants.  Thank you.”
~class of 2011
“This class has been the key for me to understand that the truest medicine is in my relation with the plants, and that all other medicine springs forth from that”
~class of 2011
“Btw, my health has been fantastic this winter – knock on wood. A couple times i felt the sore throat which normally is a point of no return, and i drank apple cider vinegar/honey/oregon grape (the potent honey we made in class is the best, and i am using it ever so carefully until i can make more!).  Thank you!”
~class of 2011
“the HIC was a turning point for me.  becoming phyto-literate and conversant has been in many ways a defining moment for my life and has guided all my subsequent endeavours.  i simply never knew how much i loved plants until the HIC brought them into focus as allies, healers, delectables, and tools for the regeneration of the earth and our relation to it.  you taught and facilitated learning on so many different levels that I have gained much more than a grounding in herbal medicine making (which I have), but also a spiritual path, a passion for teaching and sharing the world of plants, and the ability to recognize, form relationships with, and make use of even unfamiliar plants in unfamiliar ecologies.  not to mention the ability to lead plant walks, or the ability to woo pretty girls with sweet gale.  whether I am talking with a farmer, an activist, or an urbanite, I always have a few botanical gems to contribute to conversation or to a meal.  I think working with you was the most transformative educational experience I have ever participated in, and have high expectations for my future mentors and teachers. thank you.” 
~ Adam – apprentice 2011
“Just in case you needed to hear it occasionally, I wanted to tell you
that you are an amazing teacher.  I loved how you could hold the class
in this safe little bubble where we all had space to express
ourselves.  I felt inspired to read any book you mentioned in passing,
and learned far more than I’d expected.  You are hilarious and
sarcastic, and really, really good at what you do.” 
~ Erin – class of 2012
“This course has created within me a deeper sense of peace and connection to the earth – how I am a manifestation of other beings that have come before me. It has created a sense of wonder in the mysterious elegance of nature. It has awakened the intuition, spirit and creativity in me that has felt oppressed by all that is the concrete jungle.
- Angela 2012
“This information has come to me as a rich resource of knowledge… It has led me to develop a form of communication that I had never known was available. In essence, listening to what the plants have shared with me has prompted me to use my own intuition as an internal guidance system.  The defining characteristic is Inspiration; that these people and more so than ever, these plants are part of my tribe”
- Steph – class 2012
“I am really going to miss this course when its over. If its in the cards, I hope that there are continuing opportunities to learn from you. I’m grateful for how you, and the class, always stretch my mind, and expand my ways of being with, and thinking about plants and healing.”
~Raquel – class 2012

Regarding Wild Gathering & Foraging classes

I’m really just replying to tell you that … the knowledge and awareness you have provided me has been invaluable. I am on my own journey to hone my healing skills for the benefit of others and part that it involves learning everything I can from people who are already established healers. You have given me a lot to think about and have pointed me toward a lot of different resources that have expanded my horizons, and, in turn, the perspectives of others who I spread the knowledge to.

Garliq’s unique sense of humor and undiluted exuberance for this work provides a warm and caring environment for all to learn in.

Regarding See the City Green

I really enjoyed the See The City Green classes with Garliq. Not only did I find out about really neat places in the city that I did not yet know about, but I also learned to identify local herbs and plants which were either yummy or really useful for healing remedies. I learned a lot of interesting information about our local plant life and can now successfully identify many local trees, herbs and plants wherever I go. This was a truly awesome experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something fresh in their life.
Joanna, North Vancouver

Great way to explore the city and learn the techniques of wild crafting. Garliq is a great teacher and this program motivates you to grow, harvest and preserve your herbs and plants this year.
Dr. Giselle Lily Lefebvre ND

Regarding ‘In the Kitchen’ Medicine Making Workshops

I am not a herbalist, though I have used herbs and food as medicine for years with my own family and with my pregnant and birthing clients. I enjoyed this aspect of my life, however, I wanted to deepen my understanding of plants and put it in local perspective. This is where Garliq came in. I took his Warming Up for Cold and Flu Season workshop and I learned a lot in a very fun, co-operative way.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your community,

Garliq, I just wanted to thank you so much for the “salves & balms, oils and cream” class last Saturday.  You have truly inspired me with your knowledge about plants and using them in a positive, beneficial way.  I have always been interested in herbs and natural healing, but never really had the confidence to go ahead and experiment with them…you have helped me develop that confidence in which I need in order to continue on a path of learning and working with herbs…not only to benefit myself, but hopefully more people!I have been using my new cream, balm and oil religiously and my skin is thanking me:)  I clean quite a bit with my job and my hands are very dry and irritated…not any more! The tinctures we made smell so yummy, do wonders for my skin, and I just love the fact that when I’m using them, I know exactly whats in them and just how great they are for me! You have opened a door to a whole other world for me!


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