Eliot Cowan on The Importance of Experiencing the Living World

Hello again, Plant Lovers!

I’m really, really excited to be offering this post.  I’ll let you in on a little sneak peak that I haven’t told anyone yet… this Autumn, I’ll be interviewing Eliot on the phone and offering this as a free podcast on the website here.

Eliot Cowan is a healer, author, elder, Huichol Marikame and Plant Spirit Medicine teacher.

As you may have noticed from the Bio page, I studied with Eliot Cowan in the Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner course in 2004-05.  What you probably don’t know is that this past May, I went on a Healing Retreat with Eliot.  This experience had an enormous impact on my life, my sense of aliveness in the world and my sense of peace and well being.  My batteries were fully charged when I returned from that experience!

This was also how I often felt when I learned to commune with the spirits of plants in ’04.

I want to share this video because I really want people to be supported in their belief that another world is possible.  It turns out the world is already here, but we had trouble understanding what we were seeing.

Eliot speaks plainly about the why and the how of relating to the Living World.  And so here is an Interview with Eliot Cowan from the Ancient Wisdom Rising Gathering that took place in Port Townsend, WA this past spring.

“The Importance of Experiencing the Living World”

it’s 1 hr broken into 4 parts…

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