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the UHS presents…See the City GREEN – the August herb walk series

Hello fellow Herbies! I hope that y’all are having a great summer and enjoying the pockets of sunshine.  I’m able to be sending this from the roof of our co-op and appreciating wifi right now!  oooohhhh, sunshine feels so good! … Continue reading

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July is Calendula Month!

Good news Plant Lovers! July is Calendula Month! Do you know what Calendula looks like? It looks like the Sun! And it loves the heat.  It holds a great deal of the Sun’s energy. I’ve even started to use it … Continue reading

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Strawberry-Lemonbalm Fermentation

Hello again plant lovers. Hooray for Strawberry Season!!  They are definitely one of my strongest Comfort Foods.  I have countless fond memories from my childhood of eating my fill in my mother’s strawberry patch in our yard.  I’d just park … Continue reading

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A Different Way to Listen

Hello friends! I can hardly contain my excitement right now!  I’ve been  bubbling over for the last 2 hrs.  You see, I found something that I’ve been looking for, something that I want to share with all of you: fellow … Continue reading

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Herbs for Gathering in July

Howdy Plant Lovers! One of the most common questions that I get about herbs has to do with timing for gathering. A couple of times, I received specific requests for regular blog posts with my suggestions for what to gather … Continue reading

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