Guest Teachers

the UHS proudly presents these Guest Teachers…   

Alison Brown

Alison is a herbalist who is wholeheartedly invested in sharing plant knowledge with other curious individuals. She makes her own medicine and skin care products and is dedicated to providing others with the tools and education needed to engage in these soul fulfilling practices.

Alison works at the Gaia Garden Apothecary and Herbal Dispensary in Vancouver and also operates a humble home business where she handcrafts natural body care products. She sincerely believes that what we put on our skin directly impacts our health and wellbeing and should require the same attention as the food and medicine we ingest. Alison wants others to know that making homemade medicine and skin care products is simple and is a great way to start understanding the relationship between plants and our health.

Alison’s herbal journey started with her long time interest in traditional health practices, which became an educational hobby while growing up. After completing an honours degree in medical anthropology, she became a correspondence student of Rosemary Gladstar, from Sage Mountain. She continued on to graduate from the California School of Herbal Studies and then studied the elementary concepts of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine with Candis Cantin, from the Evergreen School of Integrative Herbology.

Alison loves talking about plants with others and feels that we all have something to learn, teach and share. She is always looking for new ways to incorporate herbs into daily life and feels that she will forever be a student of the wonderful art and science herbalism.

Sherry Morgan

“Will I be a healer?”  Sherry asked her Teacher.  “Healing is a spiritual matter,” was the response.

Living into that phrase for a number of years, Sherry discovered the truth in it.  Entering into a practice of connecting with nature in gratitude, Sherry tapped into a joy she had never before experienced and that her soul longed for.  But, before the joy there was a lot of doubt and fear.  Experiencing the love and wisdom of connecting with many aspects of nature began to heal the insecurities that had grown familiar in a world dominated by fear and separation.

Guided by the elemental Fire, Sherry received many messages in 1997 & 98 to teach people about prayer.  Fire is heart and the energy of connection and relatedness with each other and the world around us.  Sherry’s gift is helping people connect more deeply with nature through prayer…a basis for interaction with divine.  Her prayer work is part of the Sacred Fire Community’s Lifeways program.  click here for more

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